Polycardiac is the bedroom rock n roll album you never asked for. Recorded in both Michigan and Colorado over the course of a full year, the debut album carefully compromises the band’s affection for bluesy pentatonics and traditional pop narrative.Recorded largely at Elm Street Recording with Ryan Wert, largely by The Rat in Lansing, somewhat at Module Overload Studios with Jamie Hillyer, but mostly in the dark by ourselves at The Alamo. The Patient Zeros are CJ Kjolhede and Joe Schramm. Additional musicians: Jason Marr, Pinetop Deadfish, Eric Robins, Shane Ellis, Kelsey Turek, Jill Griffin, Brittany Ashley, Caleb Knight.


Released April 17, 2013 


Track Listing:

1. Rattle

2. If You Don't Like the View, I'll Put Up a Mirror

3. Cardiectomy

4. Grouch

5. 5bullet

6. Scarecrow

7. Hum

8. Rusted

9. Peel

10. The Hive

11. The Epilogue


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